3 Free E-Books You SHOULD Read

by Stuart Conover on February 18, 2010

3 Free E-Books You SHOULD Read

E-Books are a great source of information that are readily available online. The only problem is there are so many out there how can you pick the winners from the losers? Well for your enjoyment I’ve put together a small list of e-books that are not only useful but free. Honestly, who can complain about free useful material?

1. David Risley’s Six Figure Blogger Blueprint

URL: http://www.davidrisley.com/blueprint
BLURB: “I’ll reveal to you how I have turned blogging into a real business which supports my growing family – and how I have been earning a six-figure income at it for several years… and NOT in the “make money” niche!
I believe the best thing I enjoy about David Risley’s blog about how he makes money online is that he so constantly stresses that the majority of money is not made through his ‘make money’ blog. A lot of people out there just assume they can setup a blog and make money off of it and that is all they have to do. David clearly points out various ways to make money that can use a blog as a promotional resource but not as the focus of income.

2. The Infopreneur’s 7 Days to Better Traffic

URL: http://www.theinfopreneur.net/7-days-to-better-traffic
BLURB: “If you want to transform your website traffic then this is the tutorial for you.
Who likes traffic? Everyone likes traffic! The more hits that you get the more you are getting your message out. It doesn’t matter if you are going for popularity, visibility, or marketing – traffic is key. James Richmond if The Infopreneur has put together this great little guide on methods you can use to drive up your own traffic.

3. Simply Zesty’s Social Media E-Book

URL: http://www.simplyzesty.com/free-social-media-book
BLURB: “You can catch up on our guides and tutorials that aim to teach you the basics of social media.
There are countless aspects to social media and it’s ever changing landscape. Niall Harbison and Lauren Fisher have put together a comprehensive guide to the current social media world based off of their experience and current writing on the subject. If there is anything you need clarification on or a general guide to this is the E-Book that you should be downloading.

  • I've read David Risley's ebook and Jame's 7 days and they both are excellent material for reading. I like how they both go into great detail about what they do and how it's working for them.

    I'm a bit closer with James personally and like how he always says that he's not a guru or anything of that nature and how what he's doing might not work for everyone but it works for him. I strongly feel that it works for him because he's constantly taking action and growing as part of doing it.

    I invite you to check out my blog tomorrow as his guest (pop) post is going up on my blog.

  • I completely agree on James pointing that out. He has a huge amount of useful information that comes through daily and while all of it is valid, it's not all for everyone. I completely agree though that he is worth following (or I wouldn't have posted it!) 😉

    I'll be sure to check out your site tomorrow both for his guest post as well as reading through your writing!

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