5 Must Read Books By Bloggers

by Stuart Conover on February 1, 2010

Books By Bloggers

There has been a huge influx of physical books being produced on blogging these days. If you are looking for tips and advice it once went from only one or two options in physical books to read when you want to learn new ideas or tactics while not online. So how do you narrow down from which of these books to choose from? Well the best bet would probably be to pick from books written by bloggers or those involved in the blogosphere. Here’s my pick for the top 5 best books by bloggers that are currently on the market.

ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income
By: Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett
Blogs: ProBlogger and chrisg.com
About: ProBlogger is by Darren Rowse who runs the site by the same name. If you write a blog and don’t know about Darren’s site you are sitting in the dark on a wealth of information that you should absolutely be sure to check out. The book is co-authored by Chris Garrett who specialized in business blogging with a touch of social media. Together they have pooled their knowledge on many of the base ideas you should focus on when starting a blog and suggestions on the direction you should attempt to go with it to receive the best results in gaining and keeping readers.
Available from: Amazon.

Beyond Blogging: The Secrets to Blogging Success
By: Nathan Hangen
Blogs: Nathan Hangen and Making it Social
About: Nathan Hangen is both a blogger and social media expert who spends his free time studying and writing on both areas. His novel, Beyond Blogging, is both a rough blueprint and a set of case studies. Nathan takes 15 of the top bloggers that are currently in the field and finds out how they do what they do. From all of this he has compiled a 5-step blueprint to show you the most successful practices that factored into the success of each of these bloggers.
Available from: Amazon.

Blog Schmog: The Truth About What Blogs Can (and Can’t) Do for Your Business
By: Bob Bly
Blog: Bob Bly
About: Bob Bly is a copywriter that specializes in direct marketing with experience working with many major companies such as IBM, Lucent, Nortel, and Sony. In Blog Schmog he takes a look at how blogging has impacted many fields of business. It’s written by someone who blogs but with so many years of experience in the field without blogging, still isn’t full sold on how positive it is for the market. There is a plethora of useful information as well as counter arguments to many topics considered to be canon by current bloggers.
Available from: Amazon.

Publish and Prosper: Blogging for Your Business
By: DL Byron and Steve Broback
Blog: Textura Design and Steve Broback
About: DL runs a web design firm with an active blog and Steve runs a new media agency. With professions in both fields these are two men who clearly have had a lot of experience working with blogs in conjunction with their business. From writing on them to helping incorporate them there is a very obvious business view on blogs to these two. While this book isn’t ‘new’ the information and mindsets founds within are still valuable today.
Available from: AmazonWe The Media
By: Dan Gillmor
Blog: Dan Gillmor
About: Dan went from a columnist to a new media entrepreneur with a background of blogging mixed in. With his roots in journalism this novel is both a suggestion and a guideline to how technology can save the failing journalism industry. Blogs have become a major source of how many are receiving both news and information. With this trend continuing journalism has to adapt or it will slowly begin to fail and within this book are quite a few ideas on how to successfully keep journalism alive.
Available from: Amazon.

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