6 Must Read Freelancing Blogs

by Stuart Conover on February 4, 2010

6 Must Read Freelancing Blogs

If you are or are thinking about becoming a Freelancer there is a lot of information that you will need to keep in mind. From where to find clients to billing to organization to so much more! The following 6 sites are some of the best online in being able to find the information you know you need as well as quite a bit you may not have factored in. Updated frequently they will are vital resources to current and upcoming freelancers.

NAME: Freelance Switch
URL: http://freelanceswitch.com
BLURB: FreelanceSwitch is a community of expert freelancers from around the world.
SECTIONS: Blog, Job Listings, Directory, Forums, Resources, Podcasts
FreelanceSwitch is probably both the most known and respected blog based resource for freelancers online. If you are looking for advice on a variety of topics, a good central location of this knowledge, and a slew of external resources this is the site for you. This one is my personal favorite for finding information useful to freelancing in general and useful information for entrepreneurs.

NAME: Freelance Folder
URL: http://freelancefolder.com
BLURB: Freelance Folder is a multi-authored blog dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and freelancers.
SECTIONS: Blog, E-Book, Job Listings, Forums, Blueprint
Freelance Folder is another put together blog with an entrepreneur slant. With another great set of posts on a variety of topics as well as job listings and forums it’s another one stop shop for both information and ideas.

NAME: Wakeup Later
URL: http://www.wakeuplater.com
BLURB: Wake Up Later is a website that touches on the subjects of website building, freelancing, blogging, and online entrepreneurship.
SECTIONS: Blog, Free Stuff, Interviews, GroupThink
Wake Up Later’s name is selling you on one of the key ideas being being an entrepreneur – though they won’t let you buy into that lie. WUL knows you have to work hard and doesn’t try to soft sell the idea of being a freelancer on you giving you plenty of information along the way.

NAME: Guerrilla Freelancing
URL: http://www.guerrillafreelancing.com
BLURB: Guerrilla Freelancing is a website dedicated to helping every freelancer still in the trenches, working as hard as they can to build up a solid freelance business.
A great resource for freelancers who enjoy seeing what exact it is a freelancer is working on aside from writing. The blog is run by a freelancer that has easily accessible links to the projects and portfolio. Not only can you read the advice and use the resources found here but with a little bit of extra research see exactly how they are applied to real life work.

NAME: Web Worker Daily
URL: http://webworkerdaily.com
BLURB: WebWorkerDaily helps the new generation of professional teleworkers become more efficient, productive, successful and satisfied.
I consistently see a trend on Web Worker Daily for the idea of freelancing while working with others or companies and it looks to be one of the few sites with a higher focus on these subjects. While it is not for everyone if you are working with a partner or do a lot of cooperative work with other companies there are a lot of valuable resources you can stumble across by following the site.

NAME: Pro Freelancing
URL: http://profreelancing.com
BLURB: Pro Freelancing was founded to interact with other freelance writers, share stories, and build relationships.
SECTIONS: Blog, Resources
Pro Freelancing is another blog written by a freelancer for freelancers. It is a great mix of both advice and resources from the point of view of someone who is living what he is talking about and always has a good mix of advice and resources to go through.

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