About The Write Start

The Write Start is a blog dedicated to helping new and experienced bloggers find and use the tools at their disposal to become better bloggers. Our name is a play on “The Right Start” as we want you to be able to get on things in the right way and as a blogger your primary goal will be to write.

While focussing primarily on blogging we also write on anything that will help an a blogger navigate through the huge amount of information that is online to learn from.

The 5 topics we primarily focus on are:
– Blogging (Writing, WordPress, and everything else related to blogging.)
– Networking (Building relationships with bloggers and readers)
– Freelancing (Entrepreneuership, making monkey, productivity, etc)
– Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
– Online Tools (From web services to web applications that can help you.)

While these will be the main topics we explore with you there will be other areas we also touch upon.

Our post schedule will be to post at least once a day Monday – Friday.

Our goal with this blog is to both help you as well as learn more on what is new on the topics that interest us.

Our Staff

The Write Start is run by 2 Internet Entrepreneuers: Stuart Conover and Jason Zajdel Located in Chicago, IL and San Jose, CA respectively. With these major differences in location you are able to get a taste of the online experience from two major cities in the United States.

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