An Easy Way to Personally Network

by Jason Zajdel on February 26, 2010

Hi. My name is Jason, and I am a newbie blogger. And I’m not an alcoholic, just a drunk. Alcoholics have to go to those damn meetings. =)

If you read many journals and blogging sites on “how to be a better blogger”, many will tell you that it’s all about networking. Throw your site out to as many people as you can, type of deal. While I do not find myself to be that tenacious in terms of “forcing” people to visit my site, there is one small way that I help in getting my site’s name out there.

Peon25.comYou see, I make “Personal Cards” every couple of years or so. They’re like Business Cards, but you give them to friends & family, people you meet, etc. It’s actually rather classy when you meet someone at an event, bar, concert, sport game etc, and instead of having them type your number into their phone or writing it down on a piece of paper, I hand them one of these.

Many of them say “What’s this?” and you can reply with whatever your favorite comeback line is “Oh, it’s my personal card” or “it’s all the contact information you’ll ever need” — choose your own!

On the latest print, I include my name, a good quote to fill in space with, my phone number (since that’s likely the main reason you’re passing this out to someone), my website, and two different e-mail addresses to reach me at.

Peon25.comI even have the new calendar on the reverse side, so it’s useful for people to carry with them in their wallet! Multi-functional, and you get a box of 500 for around eight bucks.

You can casually leave one at whatever outing you’re on, here and there, even if the chance of someone picking one up and going to your site is unlikely.

Again, the point is networking, and this is just one more easy way to do that.

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