Flickr Turns 6

by Stuart Conover on February 11, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Flickr

Today is the birthday of an image hosting company. If you don’t know why that’s being featured here you must not have used Flickr before. The site is not just an image host but has become both one of the standard images hosts but also has social networking relevance. From having friends, a huge commenting interface, and an API that allows you to integrate uploading and use of photos in Flickr in a variety of both websites and applications. It allows you to sort photos by activity, groups you can create and join, and of course friends.

What is Flickr?

Flickr is the best way to store, sort, search and share your photos online. Flickr helps you organize that huge mass of photos you have and offers a way for you and your friends and family to tell stories about them.

This well put together and still thriving image host that was picked up by Yahoo years ago is showing that it can stand the test of time. Think about that for a moment. How many social networks, applications, or ideas have fallen flat in the last 6 years? Quite a few at this point. You really need to have the right look, usefulness, and reason to keep coming back to be able to survive online. There are a million image hosts online but the majority of those who need hosting will only go with a few specific companies – Flickr is clearly one of them.


  • Upload – Upload from the web, using a desktop client, by e-mail, or even by phone.
  • Edit – Who doesn’t love the ability to change photos around? Flickr has a powerful built in web based photo editor to put the finishing touches on your pictures.
  • Organize – From tags to groups to personal collections to sets there are a variety of ways to organize both your photos and videos.
  • Share – Share your work with both certain friends, web sites, or anyone online by just choosing preferences!
  • Maps – Map tagging is really a great feature being used more and more often as of late, showing off where photos were taken and also being able to search locations!
  • Make Stuff – I’m going to just quote the web page on this one “Sexy cards, photo books, framed prints, Target pick up, DVDs, etc.
  • Keep in Touch – You can easily set your preferences to be notified when friends or family upload new pictures, when you receive comments on yours, and so much more!

The options listed above and the fact that it is incorporated in so many major websites is exactly why it has worked in the realm of social media. It allows for easily sharing files and interaction concerning them. With an easy to use API it is easy to add in to any upcoming web site, blog, or application. If it’s success is able to continue I would image we’ll see flickr be around for another 6 years easily.

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