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by Stuart Conover on February 15, 2010

Catchy Title

While not every blog out there needs to have artwork or screen shots included I’m pretty sure most will at the very least suggest it to you. It’s extremely useful to be able to have visuals to go along with your posts either as attention getters, examples, or just as a visual draw to help move your readers through an article. While the most useful tool out there for anything photo related, Photoshop may be out of the reach of many users. Even if it isn’t if you are somewhere else (day job, family’s house, wherever) you may not have access to your usual suite of applications. Mix in the fact that you may be somewhere where you cannot install an alternative art software (ie: GIMP) and you need something web based to take care of your needs. This is where Picnik comes into play and with it’s quick load time and friendly user interface there are multiple reasons for it to be on the top of your list to use.

Uses For Bloggers

While there are a pretty much unlimited numbers of reasons that any blogger needs access to photo manipulation software. There are three that you will of course need more than others. The ability to resize pictures, the ability to modify pictures, and the ability to insert text into pictures. There is an ease of use to modify pictures as well as you can input photographs from filckr, facebook, photobucket, picasa, webshots, webs, myspace, and your computer.

Standard Features

  • Fix your photos in just one click
  • Use advanced controls to fine-tune your results
  • Crop, resize, and rotate in real-time
  • Tons of special effects, from artsy to fun
  • Astoundingly fast, right in your browser
  • Awesome fonts and top-quality type tool
  • Basketfuls of shapes from hand-picked designers
  • Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • No download required, nothing to install

Advanced Features

While this does give you a monthly fee (though it is a low one) it gives you quite a few bonuses.

  • Batch Picture Uploading
  • More Effects
  • Beauty Tools
  • More Collages
  • More Fonts and Stickers
  • Advanced Editing Tools
  • Unlimited History
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Priority Feedback
  • Ad-Free and Fullscreen
  • Layering and more!

External Tools

On Picnik’s Tools page there are even more bonus features for you to use.

The first is Picnik Extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and IE. These extensions allow you to both easily access Picnik from right clicking images any page that you are on as well as take screenshots. The second are the Picnik Bookmarklet for the same browsers which is just a step down use wise of the extensions but take up less resources. It allows you to quickly drag and drop pictures into Picnik. Speaking of drag and drop there is a Picnik Yahoo Widget that lets you to easily upload images from your desktop to edit at any time.

If none of these are exactly what you need and you have a bit of programming knowledge under your belt you can use the Picnik API to build your own tools! Yes you can include Picnik’s vast range of free utilities into any project that you may make.

So if you need a portable web based graphic solution than Picnik is for you!

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