How to Use Twitter for Internet Marketing

by TravisTracy on February 19, 2010

How to Use Twitter for Internet Marketing

Travis Tracy has been using Twitter for a while now and has quickly found the value in it as he has become more involved in the community. He has recently been using Twitter to market some of his purple martin houses that he sells. Follow him on Twitter: @phpgator.

First off, if you are just now getting involved on Twitter, you probably have a misconception about what it is to be used for. Obviously, there are people (very annoying people) that simply tweet things like “Hey, I’m eating a hot dog.” Who really cares, right? This is a good way to NOT build a following on your profile. People want to follow people that interest them.

The best way to think about Twitter is to think of it much like a forum community. I am sure most all of us have visited forums or been a part of a forum community of some type in the past. You have those that simply come and spam the boards with useless posts, then you have those that get involved and add some type of value to it. You want to be the one that adds value.

The first thing I highly recommend is simply getting involved in your target community. This means follow others and respond to other peoples tweets (posts). Just like in a forum community, the way to make friends and gain trust is to respond to other peoples threads as well. It gets your name out there and gets you noticed. Do not hesitate to simply reply and tell someone that you found something interesting, or join in on a conversation.

Although getting involved and responding to other people is a good way to get started, at some point you have to provide your own value to the community you are trying to be involved in. This means placing USEFUL tweets (posts) up on Twitter. Talk about things that you think people would be interested in! For example, if you are targeting a bird community, you might talk about a species of bird that you saw today in your area. Or, you might recommend a specific product that worked well to attract a bird. If you are targeting the internet marketing community itself, you would talk about how your PPC campaigns are doing. You might talk about how a marketing tactic worked for you, whether good or bad. You might even link to blog posts that you found were helpful (not every blog post you read). These are many different ways to add something useful to the community.

Lastly, if you have no idea where to find these people, I recommend using the search feature on Twitter. It is super powerful. You can find people tweeting about things you are interested in. Interested in a specific type of bird? Go to the search feature and follow people that are talking about them.

The end goal here is that you build up a following of people who are interested in the same things you are. You will then be able to turn around and market specifically to these people that are following you. Those that respect your opinion and value your posts will be more inclined to click on the links that you provide and buy the products on the other side. This often can mean money in the bank for you. It really is this simple

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