7 Easy Ways To Lose Track Of Social Media While Keeping Track Of It.

February 8, 2010

7 Easy Ways To Lose Track Of Social Media While Keeping Track Of It. It’s extremely easy to get lost in any aspect of social media while you are trying to keep it organized. There is a right way and a wrong way to use social media and putting it purely into a marketing portion […]

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Thesis OpenHook Plugin

February 5, 2010

WordPress Plugin Review – Thesis OpenHook As you can tell The Write Start is a fan of the Thesis Theme. Being able to have extended control over the look, layout, and functionality of WordPress is what Thesis is all about. It is quite possibly the best framework to be able to make WordPress be used […]

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6 Must Read Freelancing Blogs

February 4, 2010

6 Must Read Freelancing Blogs If you are or are thinking about becoming a Freelancer there is a lot of information that you will need to keep in mind. From where to find clients to billing to organization to so much more! The following 6 sites are some of the best online in being able […]

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Why Is Content Is King?

February 3, 2010

Remember – You Need The King To Win Everyone loves to say that “Content Is King” though not everyone will go in detail on WHY this is true. There are so many aspects to blogging these days it can be a bit overwhelming to think about: S.E.O., Social Media, Advertising, Networking, etc. There is quote […]

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Why Everyone Working Online Should Have A Blog

February 2, 2010

The Benefits To Having Your Own Blog Blogging has become both a tool and a trend of the online community. Everyone under the sun has a blog these days, or in some cases multiple blogs, so you have to ask- why should I have a blog? There is a saturated ‘market’ of online blogs and […]

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5 Must Read Books By Bloggers

February 1, 2010

Books By Bloggers There has been a huge influx of physical books being produced on blogging these days. If you are looking for tips and advice it once went from only one or two options in physical books to read when you want to learn new ideas or tactics while not online. So how do […]

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This Is A Picture Of A Cat

January 29, 2010

Why We Can’t Procrastinate So above this post is a picture of a cat. Why a cat? Well if it’s one thing anyone knows about the Internet is that love them or hate them cat’s stand out. I’m sure we can blame a certain Internet meme for that fact but that does not change the […]

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The 2010 Shorty Awards

January 28, 2010

The 2010 Shorty Awards Going into it’s second year, the Shorty Awards have returned! What are the Shorty Awards? Well for those who weren’t around or didn’t see it last year: The Shorty Awards honor the best people and organizations on Twitter. These unique awards are for the Twitter community, by the Twitter community. Online […]

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Useful Web Applications – Remember The Milk

January 27, 2010

Remember The Milk If you are going to be working on a project with many details, or even multiple projects at once, you NEED to stay organized. There really is no choice in the matter. The question though is – HOW do you keep organized? Personally I’ve always been a fan of “To-Do” lists. Starting […]

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The 7 New Bloggers I Will Follow This Year

January 27, 2010

The 7 New Bloggers I Will Follow This Year ProBlogger recently suggested to Create Your Own Bloggers To Watch List and share it with the other readers of the site. Honestly I felt that this was a great idea but only found out about it today as I’ve had a lot going on the past […]

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