This Is A Picture Of A Cat

by Stuart Conover on January 29, 2010

Why We Can’t Procrastinate

So above this post is a picture of a cat. Why a cat? Well if it’s one thing anyone knows about the Internet is that love them or hate them cat’s stand out. I’m sure we can blame a certain Internet meme for that fact but that does not change the fact that they stand out. So what can we learn from this cat? Looking cute alone is not enough to get by in life. Even the LOLCat’s have ‘content’ with the cat pictures and all the cat above has is itself.

Basically what I want you to take away from this post is that this blog in particular two things. The first of which is that you need content and the second of which is you need to be prepared.

What do I mean by be prepared?

Well this blog is not even a week old, it launched early without enough content prepared. Due to a busy week, being ill prepared, and far too slothlike when I got home from work I had nothing even remotely ready to post. The co-author of this blog does not start writing on it quite yet either as we were going to launch the site when he was done with a current project for his day job. These are excuses and unacceptable because that is all they are, excuses. This being the case I had to struggle to come up with original content for you in a moment’s notice so the fact that it’s Friday could actually kick in and I can have a night and day of relaxation before my Sunday of writing kicks in. This is why you need to be prepared. You need to have enough pre-written to cover nights exactly like the one I just gave an example of.

So regardless of how good something looks visually, without content to back it up it really is nothing. You could have the best looking blog, images, book cover in the world and if there is nothing backing it up no one will come back for more. The old adage “Content is King” may be overused by everyone online but there is a reason for that – it’s true. What possible reason are you going to have to continue returning to a site that looks good but has no new information or entertainment for your life? Why would you bother?

These are two very straightforward points that any blogger follows religiously. In fact I was ashamed at myself for falling into the trap of letting laziness even delay this post as late as it did. The main blog I run aside from this one I would never allow to let a day go by without a post let alone not have at least 5 posts written in advance at all times. Hopefully lesson learned by all on this one – myself included.

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