Why Everyone Working Online Should Have A Blog

by Stuart Conover on February 2, 2010

The Benefits To Having Your Own Blog

Blogging has become both a tool and a trend of the online community. Everyone under the sun has a blog these days, or in some cases multiple blogs, so you have to ask- why should I have a blog? There is a saturated ‘market’ of online blogs and you could easily see yours being lost in all of the clutter that is out there. Maybe you are worried that there is no point to having a blog or that you won’t be able to keep up with it. Aside from addressing the worries in this post I will focus on the points on why you should have a blog.

Share Information

The first and foremost reason to have a blog is to share information. Regardless if it is written to be technical or just based around your opinion a blog allows you communicate this information with an audience. The entire purpose of a blog is for you to write on and while what everyone writes on will vary – you are posting information to the world.

Build Your Name or Brand’s Recognition

Blogging allows you to better interact with a community. As you gain more readers your name or brand is more known as a source for the information that they are looking for. It is an additional place for content related to your name or brand that you can spread online. The idea of a ‘brand’ or name recognition these days has been brought up by numerous sources, however the idea of brand recognition isn’t new and has been a marketing strategy for years. If a customer recognizes and trusts a brand they are more likely to buy the product or service that is behind the brand.

Become An Authority

Going along with the increase in readers as mentioned above, blogging allows you to build your credibility on the subject you write on. As you gain a wider audience who agrees or follows your view the authority you have on the subject you write on increases. If you have authority in a subject from actually knowing it you can use this to educate, shape the subject’s future, and find ways to use your expertise to create a product or service based around the subject. Having authority on a subject means that people will listen to you and more likely than not believe what you are saying. It’s a trust that you are knowledgeable on a subject.

Network and Build Connections

Regardless if it is from comments, bu e-mail, or through social networking – having a blog allows you to increase your connections. You will constantly be able to meet new people as you expand your content and more people both read and interact with it. Having a larger choice of peers means you are able to increase both your knowledge and influence. Connections in the field you work in are always beneficial. It can lead to more knowledge, opportunities, and helps to increase your authority on a subject as mentioned above.

Self Organization

If you are planning on being a dedicated blogger just by running a blog you have to increase your own organization. From keeping your schedule open enough to be both flexible to write posts and market them you have to be better prepared and organized with your time to accomplish all of your daily tasks. Many bloggers are also in school or have a day job to increase the amount of time they have to keep organized. Blogging seriously transcends being a hobby into being a discipline. It can be real work and will help hone your skills at multitasking and time management.

Expand Your Business

If your blog is based around a business you have a new outlet to both communicate and interact with your current and potential customers. You can put a better ‘face’ to your business name as they are able to see the company’s view and who they are interacting with. This ties back to the concept of building your brand but is much more specialized as you are doing so to build your business. You are increasing the reach of your target audience and furthering exposing your company to the public eye. This exposure, if handled correctly, can be a boon on improving how the world sees you.

Expand Your Reach

Between search engine traffic and a new way for readers to interact with you or your company, blogging allows you to expand your reach in it’s target audience. The very fact that you have new content being generated for people to read raises the chances that it will be seen, specially when promoted.

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