Why Is Content Is King?

by Stuart Conover on February 3, 2010

Remember – You Need The King To Win

Everyone loves to say that “Content Is King” though not everyone will go in detail on WHY this is true. There are so many aspects to blogging these days it can be a bit overwhelming to think about: S.E.O., Social Media, Advertising, Networking, etc. There is quote often so much happening that you need to focus on it’s easy to forget what the blog is about – content. Regardless of what your subject or niche is, the content is what makes up your blog.

Entice New Readers
So you are trying to attract new readers. Using networking, social media, contests, guest posting, or any other way to drive traffic to your site that you can think of. However without quality content for your readers, why are they going to stay at the site or come back for more?

Anyone coming to your website to read the articles are there to, get this, read the articles. Your posts are what need to stand out over all else because that is what people are coming to see. If they are enticing enough for your readers and have useful content than not only will they come to see the articles but they will come back to read more.

Imagine now that you are a bookshop owner in the days before Amazon ruled book sales. Your purpose is to sell books. You advertise that you sell books. Now say all you have when people come in are works of art on the walls and most of the shelves. When people are at your store they are looking to have their wants and needs fulfilled. They aren’t looking for something to look at they are looking for something to read and that is what you need to provide.

Keep Your Readers Coming Back For More
Assuming you have stable readers to begin with, keeping them should be one of your top priorities. If you don’t have stable readers than the readers you have enticed in the above section need to have a reason to continue returning to your site day after day, week after week. How do you do this? By keeping them coming back for more. All of the widgets, looks, or networking in the world will not keep anyone coming back to your site unless you have something that they want. How do you provide this? With content that provides useful or entertaining information.

Providing valuable, useful, and original content won’t have your readers skimming the articles- it will have them actively reading them. Enough readers actively reading your articles will want to interact with you on the subject: thank you, asking questions, referring people to your site, helping your site grow as you help them. If a reader comes to your blog or website and sees that you haven’t updated it with any new content in the past 2 weeks, why are they going to come back the next day or the day after?

Going back to the book shop owner example. If you have a limited amount of books for sale and your customers want to buy new books they are going to need to see new books on the shelves as they come in. If you have a limited selection of books and nothing new the customers will slowly lose interest to find stores that have the latest releases and a selection they can choose from.

Catch Search Engine Traffic
It’s pretty straightforward in the view that with the more original content you have indexed by search engines the more likely you will have a chance of traffic coming to your site. As you have more results showing up in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc there is a greater chance you will be near the top of the rankings on a searched subject.

I’m not going to go on a tangent on Search Engine Optimization in this article but that is one of the keys to new readers. When people are looking for certain terms and your site ranks highly on the keywords they are searching for – they will come to your site.

The bookstore reference again. Say your bookstore is specialized in selling books on animals. If people are looking for books on animals and something specific they are going to want to go to your bookstore and not just a general bookstore because that is what they are looking for. If you want a book the mating habits of gazelles going to a regular book store is probably going to be limited on having luck finding a book on the topic.

Increase Likelihood Of Backlinks
With an increase in new and quality content there is a higher chance that your content will be linked to by other blogs. If you have a well written post published and another blogger reads it there is a greater chance they will link back to you as a reference or in a ‘top post’ list.

Well bookshop owner we are back with one last example. You’ve got your animal bookshop in place and people have been finding it. What next? If these people work with animals (zoologist, veterinarian, etc) they are going to tell their friends and coworkers about the store. Word of mouth will slowly help grow your business.

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