Writing Consumer Product Reviews

by Stuart Conover on February 16, 2010

How to Write Consumer Product Reviews

Writing online consumer product reviews is a great way to share relevant, helpful information with consumers interested in purchasing products you’ve already tried. You can use this as an outlet to promote a product that you enjoy, a source of content to post on your site, and even a way to sell affiliate products. Ready to write a review? Here seven tips on how to write both an effective and persuasive consumer product reviews:

1. Know the Product

This is the most important and one that quite a few who sell affiliate products do not do. Before you type a single word- make sure you are familiar with the product and have spent ample time using it yourself. If you haven’t first off your review will not have any actual merit, second off if anyone is familiar with the product they will quickly be able to tell you haven’t had experience, and finally when people find out the trust you have built up will fail.

If you know about a product from first hand use you will most likely be able to write at it at length, just as it is easy to write about anything you are familiar with, trying to come up with random information to stick in as filler just never comes off well.

2. Post on the Right Forum

When writing online consumer product reviews, make sure you find an appropriate forum to post the reviews on. For example, don’t post a review of your new fridge on a site solely for reviews of service professionals. Be aware that most review forums and websites require (free) registration prior to posting. If you run a site on blogging you don’t want to write a review on stereos. Another factor to keep into consideration is whether your review is positive or negative; that may also affect where it is posted.

3. Give Full Product Information

To ensure consumers know exactly what product you are referring to, give the full product information. This should include the exact product name, brand or company, and model number, if applicable. If it’s about an e-book make sure to give information on the author, author’s site, and where to purchase the e-book. It’s pretty common sense but something that can be easily overlooked.

4. Be Detailed

Typically speaking, when it comes to consumer product reviews the more information you provide, the better. Be as detailed as possible about the pros and cons of the product and if there is any additional information the consumer might find beneficial (e.g. is there an additional use for the product aside from its original intent?). Don’t skimp on either area regardless of how you felt about the end result. A pro for a product might prove more useful to someone else and outweigh the negatives. The details are important to include to help others make up their minds. You can always slant the review towards your viewpoint but don’t leave out information.

5. State Facts

Don’t just say whether or not you like a product, give reasons why. Why was it not worth the money, why would you recommend it to a friend? Also be sure to state how you used the product and list any improvements/changes you personally would make about it.

6. Use your Own Voice

Make the review your own by letting your personality show. Be genuine by expressing your true feelings about the product and avoid copying or mimicking another consumer’s review to enhance your credibility.

7. Be Conscientious of your Language

The way you write and the language you use can dramatically impact how effective your review will be. Avoid using profane or immature language and be sure to use clear, universal language so that everyone can understand. Be professional in tone and words and once the review is completed, proofread it before you post. Make sure the grammar and punctuation is all correct.

Reviews are a great way to add valuable content for your readers or just let others know your opinions on a product or service. If you are into affiliate sales it also can be an invaluable tool to help sell products that others make. Just make sure you don’t put up false reviews for everything under the sun as that isn’t a good long or short term marketing practice for building trust in your readers.

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